Emily Dickinson Perfume Oil

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Elusive, feminine, and mysterious. Emily Dickinson was thought by most to be a recluse, but her secretive life was one that was rich beyond imagination. 

Scholar Judith Farr notes that when she was living, Emily Dickinson "was known more widely as a gardener, perhaps, than as a poet." During her lifetime, she assembled a collection of pressed plants in a sixty-six page leather-bound herbarium. It contained 424 pressed flower specimens that she collected, classified, and labeled. 

In particular, Dickinson cultivated scented exotic flowers, writing that she "could inhabit the Spice Isles merely by crossing the dining room to the conservatory, where the plants hang in baskets". Her love of flowers and the mingling of the exotic with domestic are what inspired the feminine floral fragrance of EMILY DICKINSON Perfume Oil. 

Tropical jasmine and frangipani add an exotic breath to the bouquet and anchor the classic pairing of lavender and rose. Fresh citrus notes of ripe oranges top off the blend like a refreshing spring dew in Emily's garden.

This perfume contains only pure, organic essential oils in a carrier of organic rice bran oil. It is 100% vegan, carefully crafted by hand, and it arrives in an amber glass bottle.

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