Nevermore-Perfume Sample Set of 5

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  • Nevermore-Perfume Sample Set of 5
  • Nevermore-Perfume Sample Set of 5
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The NEVERMORE Sample Set includes a 1.2ml vial each of:

THE RAVEN Perfume Oil
Evoking the scent of working late into the evening by candlelight in a chilled study, THE RAVEN Perfume Oil wraps you in rich base notes of teakwood and vanilla for warmth. Lively notes of black pepper and musky vetiver perch atop subtle spices and soft tobacco to sharpen your senses in the event of unexpected avian visitors. 

Whispering like the winds in that kingdom by the sea, ANNABEL LEE Perfume Oil mesmerizes with a green base like soft mosses of the shore and heart notes of fresh ocean air and driftwood. Hints of funerary flowers including lily and rose dance like ghosts at the edges of this blend and create a timeless and haunting fragrance.

Pairing the spirit of the carnival season with poor Fortunato’s favorite libation, AMONTILLADO Perfume Oil weaves an intoxicating spell with base notes of warm oak and rich figs. A hint of plummy sweetness at the heart is balanced by a light top note of herbs from the Italian countryside.

Conjuring the ambience of Roderick Usher’s mansion of gloom, HOUSE OF USHER Perfume Oil captures the earthy base note of patchouli and pairs it with the dark and mysterious heart notes of oakmoss and fallen leaves. Touches of bergamot and blood orange envelop the scent in an ethereal cloak, much like the luminescent mist that surrounded Roderick’s home before it met its fate.

LIGEIA Perfume Oil
Capturing the mystique and the surreal grace of the departed beauty of the same name, LIGEIA Perfume Oil floats on a base of sweet and resinous opium smoke and amber. Exotic sandalwood, teak, and saffron at the heart combine to highlight the breath of floral incense that dances above.

These perfumes contain pure essential oils and botanically-derived fragrance oils in a carrier of organic rice bran oil. They are 100% vegan, carefully crafted by hand, and it arrive in individually-labeled glass vials with applicator wands.

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