Transformation Perfume Oil

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Made in USA
  • Transformation Perfume Oil
  • Transformation Perfume Oil
  • Transformation Perfume Oil
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Transformation Perfume Oil changes to suit many moods and social events with ease. This unique fragrance is true to its name by beginning with the fresh and fruity notes of agave and sweetgrass and then becoming earthy and grounded during dry-down.

Top: Agave
Heart: Sweetgrass, Blood Orange
Base: Sage, Hemp

This perfume contains pure essential oils and botanical extracts in a carrier of organic rice bran oil. It is 100% vegan, carefully crafted by hand, and it arrives in an amber glass bottle. 5ml bottles include a gift box. All of our product packaging is completely recyclable.

TRANSFORMATION is part of the Grimoire Collection, a group of seven special edition fragrances inspired by the secrets of witchcraft.

“Perfume is not a smell, it’s what I call a message in a bottle. A smell has no intent. A perfume is like a chemical poem composed by a human being to impart an idea or sensation or emotion to another.” ~Luca Turin

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