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For $14.95, you will recieve a bag of 10 different cosmetics. Cool! Could by lipsticks, gloss, nail colors, mascara, who knows! All the cosmetics GoodGoth carries are cruelty free.

 Into "normal" colors? You may get some crazy colors! Into crazy shades? You may get something "normal". Try something new! An awesome way to take a step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown!


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Lizzy May 6th 2017

Good BUT

I really liked this for the most part, it was my first time trying it, the only thing I wish is that I hadn't got as many lipsticks. I didn't get any nail polishes (damn) or mascara, just lipstick basically. I liked the purple and the yellow but the orange is yuck. Lol. It's a good bag if you like lipstick.

LadyEllee May 4th 2017


Received my bag very quickly. Contained 4 eyeliner pencils (white, black, blue, and brown), 2 lip gloss in the SAME purple, 2 nail polish (one small light blue one large dark red), and 2 lipstick (hot pink and light blue). I will probably never wear most of it and don't have anyone that would take them. I will not order this again, huge waste of money.

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