Our Story

We're Not Killers, Rebels or Dolls. We're just Good Goths.


 Once upon a time a girl dreamed of a mail order business.  The internet wasn't a thing.

It was 1992.



The girl made a catalog and gave it a name based vaguely on her favorite TV show. And like that show, it didn't last very long. (tho it did return)

But the girl learned a lot. 


 Then came the internet. And the girl tried again. The girl named our first iteration "The Cornerstone". Because, you know, it was a cornerstone, a beginning. And the girl made a paper catalog.

It was 1996.


And then the girl made a web page on AOL and quit her "real job".

Our first web site had an extremely catchy URL; members.aol.com/luluwhite/mirrors.html. (I know)

In 2000, the girl decided to kick it up a notch- get a real domain name. GoodGoth was born.


   We are a small, independent company. We don't have "angel investors". We don't have a board of directors, we don't have a CEO that gets millions of dollars and we won't be selling out our company to any corporate giant. (but hey. I'm open to million dollar offers!)  We're a U.S Company, located in Westfield, Massachusetts. We ship from the U.S.A. We are NOT a Chinese Dropshipper. 


We do not take part in "influencer" culture. We do not provide free items in exchange for nice words. Any nice words about us on the internet are 100% genuine and 100% unsolicited. It's how we've always done business. 

We've watched dozens of goth companies come and go.  

Our success and longevity has been our customers. You guys are the Best!

Since 1996, our motto has always been "Cruelty Free Goth". And it applies to all living things. We're the Kinder, Gentler goth shop. We have a large "Made in U.S.A" collection, our Footwear is all leather free, our Cosmetics are made in the USA and never tested on animals. And we treat all our customers with respect! We're not into shock culture or spreading viral rage.  We will never talk down to you or belittle your beliefs! We're just trying to be good goths.

So from the bottom of our dark little hearts, We Thank You!