GoodGoth Wishlists

How to make wishes come true

A guide to GoodGoth wish lists.

You there. Filling up your shopping cart with one of everything. Yeah. I see you. You WISH all those wonderful things could be yours. Well, listen up! There's a better way!

Stop adding wishes to your cart and add them to your WISHLIST, instead! And then, when some aunt or parent or friend says- "Hey, what do you want for... Christmas, Graduation, birthday, you're awesome Day, etc. You just send them a link to your WISHLIST! 

Fist, if you haven't already, create a GoodGoth account.


Then, just click Wishlists. Create as many lists as you want. Give them special names.  Each list will have a link you can share. No more of that "you're so hard to shop for" nonsense! 


And when all else fails and Aunt Jane still can't figure this out, yes, we do have Gift Cards.  :)