GoodGoth and Covid-19


Yes, we ARE accepting orders! And believe me, we are VERY appreciative of your support!

We are doing our best to navigate these strange times and ever changing rules, regulations and closures. Please note that during this time, shipping will be delayed. We are trying to get orders out as quickly as we can while also complying with local guidance, staying safe, social distancing and working limited hours.

Shipping time may be delayed during this time. Likewise transit times are also slower than they used to be. Packages are taking longer to move through the system.  We are doing our best to stay caught up but we are currently working reduced hours to limit our outside exposure. Likewise, our suppliers- those that are open, are also working reduced hours with limited staff so restocks are also delayed! We're all in this together. Thank you so much for your understanding! 


International shipping times are dramatically increased. Expect your package to take  l o n g e r  in transit then it used to. 

Returns. 30 Day Returns are now 60 Day Returns until further notice. Because who wants to go to the Post Office right now! (if you need additional time- please reach out to us) Return Processing will also be delayed during this time.


Stay Safe, wash your hands, and if you find yourself going stir crazy, join our Facebook group; Let's Talk about Gothic Fashion. It's a fun, friendly (no, really!) community of like minded souls.  We talk about fashion, obviously, clothing, DIY projects and lots more. NO JERKS ALLOWED. (sorry not sorry)



USPS and FEDEX are both experiencing delays. UPS seems to be doing ok-so far.  Lots of our suppliers are having logistical problems. Some restocks are delayed. There are manufacturing slowdowns with our shoe and jewelry suppliers. We're doing our best to keep everything up to date but things change daily! If you have questions before you order or need an order for a specific date PLEASE let us know.  Happy thoughts!