Web of Death Set

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Three piece set perfect for cool evenings remembering death.  Consists of the Mourning Belle capped sleeve corset top and the Angels in Black netting skirt. We finish off this masterpiece of the macabre with the Garden of Death skull necklace- included! Style may vary

The top is the Mourning Belle  Steel boned satin corset  modesty panel in back.
The skirt is a our Angels in Black Netting Skirt with elastic waist. 


skirt features an elastic waist. 


Fashion corsets do not provide significant waist reduction greater than 1".  Please be sure you loosen the lacing on a corset before trying it on. A corset is meant to be tightened once you are wearing it. Loosen the laces so that you can fasten the front or zip it up, if it has a zipper, then tighten the back laces. Loosen the laces to approx your natural waist. Measurements are for corset completely closed. Loosening the laces adds 3-4" to all measurements

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