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My shoes aren't in the package. 

No worries. Shoes ship from a separate warehouse via UPS. 

I have a youtube channel/blog/FB page am making a movie,etc Can I have free stuff? Will you "sponsor" me?  While we welcome honest reviews, we do not solicit reviews in exchange for free stuff. We do not "sponsor" people or offer free merchandise for any purpose at this time.

Do you have a Store? Nope. We are 100% Online. 

I saw a charge was on my online banking when I placed my order. Now it's gone. Why? What you are seeing is an authorization. When you place an order, an authorization is made verifying that you have the available credit to make the purchase. But this is not a charge! We do not actually charge your card until we ship your order. Sometimes an authorization shows on your statement as "pending" or "unsettled activity". There is no problem with your order. We are processing it as fast as we can and you will be notified when your order ships to you.

You charged me twice! What you are seeing is an authorization, which is later converted to a charge when we ship your order. It is not two charges. It is the same transaction. One verifies and holds the funds, the other takes those held funds as a charge. 

It says my order was declined but you charged me!  Our system verifies the billing addresses of orders for everyone's security, and will decline orders if the billing address is wrong. What you are seeing was the initial authorization. It will drop off in several hours per your bank's policy. PLEASE double check your billing info before resubmitting an order.

How do I make a Return? Returns for store credit are Easy! We offer 30 Day Easy Returns. No RMA needed. 

Do you Do Wholesale? We do not.

Are you Hiring? Not at this time.

Are your shoes leather? Is your makeup cruelty free? Our Footwear is leather free. Our Makeup is cruelty free.

I placed an order and the payment still says pending at Paypal, Amazon Pay, etc. Why? We believe in only taking your money when we ship your order! Status will be pending/processing til we ship.

My order was canceled. When will I get my refund? We do not believe in taking your money til we ship. Any authorization holds will be canceled for canceled orders.

Can you mark my foreign parcel as a gift so I don't have to pay duty on it? Sorry, no. 

How do you ship? We ship via USPS. Footwear ships UPS or FedEx

Do you ship to PO Boxes? Yes we do!

Where do you ship from? We ship from Massachusetts. Footwear will ship from the CA warehouse. 

I saw something i liked but it's sold out in my size. When will you be getting more? Please inquire below and we'll check for you! Be sure to Include your size and any color options.

Do you do custom Clothing/shoes? Can you alter the clothing you sell? We do not. Consult your local dry cleaner. They often do either alterations or will know a local source who does.

Are You looking for Models? Not at this time.

Still Have a Question?  submit a Help ticket. We'll get back to you as soon as we can (Please note our regular Business hours are Mon-Fri. Weekend and Holiday inquiries may take a day or two for us to respond- thanx! ) 
****Asking if you can get something by a certain date? Please include the name, size and color of the item(s), your location and what your event date is.  This will help us provide you the most accurate and up to date info. Thanks!****

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