Velvet Victorian Bustle Corset Skirt

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  • Velvet Victorian Bustle Corset Skirt
  • Velvet Victorian Bustle Corset Skirt
  • Velvet Victorian Bustle Corset Skirt
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From the moonlit shadows, a whisper of decadent darkness takes form.

This is not merely a skirt, it is a garment of secrets, woven from the finest velvets and kissed by the touch of delicate lace. Ten spiral steel bones whisper promises of control beneath the fabric, shaping your form into an hourglass of forbidden temptation. Two flat steel bones stand sentinel, ensuring your posture remains as regal as a queen amidst the crumbling ruins of an ancient castle.

A cascade of inky lace spills down the front, each intricate motif a story waiting to be unraveled. The ribbon tie closure at the back beckons you to surrender to its silken touch, cinching your waist to a breath-taking whisper and molding your curves into a vision of dark desire.

But fear not, for beneath the opulent exterior lies a heart of practicality. A privacy panel ensures your secrets remain your own, while a full lining offers a whisper of comfort against the coolness of the velvet. Hand wash this treasure with care, and it will whisper its seductive secrets into your wardrobe for years to come.

Embrace the darkness, darling. This skirt is your invitation to the masquerade.


  • High-waisted corset design
  • Deep midnight velvet fabric
  • Intricate black lace detailing
  • 10 spiral steel bones and 2 flat steel bones for shaping
  • Lace-up front accent
  • Ribbon tie closure at back
  • Privacy panel
  • Fully lined
  • Hand wash recommended


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