Double Dip Apparel Mystery Bag-


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Double Dip Mystery Bags each contain up to $100 worth of apparel; skirts, tops, corsets, dresses, jackets, etc for only $29.95. May be regular stock, discontinued styles, special purchases, etc.

By doubling the value we can add wicked cool stuff like gowns, coats, stuff that retails for up to $100. No kidding!

Packed by value- not quantity. That means you may get 2 $50 items or 5 $20 items. *example*

Please note; mystery bags are prepacked. There may or may not be overlap with a previously purchased bag. If you buy more than one -in the same order- we'll make them different. We can not honor requests like "don't send me any skirts" or "don't send me anything blue". It's a mystery!

Size selections change with what we have available. If you do not see your size listed, check back often, as availability changes frequently!


- no returns or exchanges


55 Reviews

Brittany Jul 27th 2017

Slightly Disappointed

I bought the regular mystery bag about a year ago. In it I got a gray dress and a shirt. I love the dress and still wear it. I decided to give this a shot to see what I got. I got a black and white dress. The skirt is long and full. The top half is white and it's Victorian kind of. It honestly reminds me of something a Quaker would wear. But I love the bottom half of it. Perhaps I can wear it out. I also received a blue high waisted shirt. I love the skirt. I was hoping to receive some really nice shirts or a jacket. So maybe I'll give it a try again. I have to buy a 3xl so I feel like the mystery bags are limited for my size.

Kelly Jul 27th 2017

Worth it!

I just received my mystery bag and I'm super happy with it! I got a cute, black, cotton dress that's an appropriate length and very lightweight and comfortable. I also got a beautiful wool coat and, even though it's summer now and I can't enjoy it right away, I live in Minnesota, so I'll absolutely get a lot of use out of it! I only got the two items, but I would have paid double the price of the bag for the coat alone.

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