how to dress goth when you can't afford Goth Clothing

how to dress goth when you can't afford Goth Clothing

I want to dress goth but I can't afford it. 

Round 1. The Black Dress

I have heard that hundreds of times on our facebook page. 

While there are expensive goth brands like Killstar and Lip Service, dressing goth is really more about how you put an outfit together- how you work with what you have. Yes, you can dress goth even by shopping at Walmart!

1. A basic Black Dress.

Plain black dresses are easy to find and the benefit of a dress is you're getting a top and a bottom at one low price- the sale rack is your friend. 

So there you are in your black dress....  

Now comes the best part of goth fashion- your creativity.  Which way to you want to run?

-Put a collared white blouse under this dress or a white collar style choker and you can Wednesday Addams the look. 

-Want to punk it up? Ripped (or not yet ripped) fishnets and some chunky boots. 

-Some black opera length gloves and a big black hat and ta-da! Audrey Hepburn Goth.

-Take it dark. Black tights, a black jacket and black boots.

With a basic black dress, you can try all of these looks, and still have something to wear for that next formal affair, family function or funeral (or formal family funeral)

2. These boots are everything

invest in a pair of kickass boots. 
-Bang. You've just turned a pair of jean shorts into an epic gothic outfit.
-Short black skirt? The same.
-When you accentuate the knee hi boots, even a plain gray t can become goth. Again.

The accessories can make (or break) the outfit
Nov 11th 2018 GoodGoth

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