So Many Symbols

So Many Symbols

One of the current trends in the world of alternative fashion is symbols. Slapping a whole bunch of "dark and edgy" symbols on a dress or a purse and calling it Goth. That's all fine and dandy. Wear what you like. But what are you wearing? As in, what does it mean?

Here we'll take a look at some of the common symbols found on alternative fashion and provide their meanings.


The ankh is a classic goth symbol. It's an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph meaning life.

Life to the Egyptians was a cycle. Eternal even. 

The ankh became popular in gothic circles in part due to Anne Rice's novel, Queen of the Damned. In the novel, vampires get their beginning in Ancient Egypt, when a demon possesses a queen creating the first vampire (it's complicated)

Another Goth touchstone to the Ankh is the Neil Gaiman Sandman character Death, who wears a large silver ankh around her neck.


5 pointed star
Many cultures use the symbol of the five pointed star. Jew,s Christians, and Mormons all use a version of the five pointed star. 
However, and here comes the generalizing, in the world of Gothic fashion, it is generally the pagan and esoteric meaning of the symbol that is used.

Alestair Crowley made use of the symbol in his Thelemic philosophy
Later, so did Anton LeVay

The symbol of the pentagram (encircled and called a pentacle) is also important to practitioners of Wicca, and is even an approved religious symbol at Arlington National Cemetery.

The symbol literally has dozens of meanings, and often elicits strong reactions. 

In the world of fashion, it is now commonly seen in the "Witch aesthetic"
In Wicca, the pentacle symbolizes the five elements; fire, water, earth, air, spirit
sometimes called a Trinity Knot

This Celtic design may represent the Holy Trinity, the Triple Goddess, Land,Sea and Sky, or is sometimes just used as a Symbol of Ireland or Irish pride.

The Triple Moon

represents The Goddess.
Wiccan symbol.
Shows the three moon cycles. Waxing, full and waning.

The Horned God

The Horned God represents the male in Wicca, as opposed to the triple moon which represents the female.
While the female has three aspects, the male has two. 
The horned God is not the devil, and is not evil. 

a 6 pointed star. 
Used by Muslims, Jews, Christians  as well as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. (the star of David is a hexagram)
In this particular form, it was used by Alestair Crowley in his Thelema teachings where it represents the microcosmic, intermingling with the macrocosmic. As above so below. 

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