Gift Ideas for Goth types

Gift Ideas for Goth types

Do you have a goth type person on your list? Think they're hard to shop for?

(caveats; every goth is different. As a general rule, a gift guide is generic. Please alter to suit your individual goth)


You can't go wrong with jewelry. Well, actually, you can.

We goth types tend to prefer non jewelry store type jewelry. 

goth types generally prefer silver or white gold to yellow gold. Some general themes goths like;

moons, fairies, dragons, ankhs, bats! spiders, Semi-precious stones ( amethyst, onyx, quartz crystals) victorian or punk themes-depending on your goth.

Socks and tights.

Goths tend to like strange socks and strange tights.  There are so many possibilities, here. Socks with motifs that match something your goth loves. 

Is your Goth an artist? Check out the Art socks at Modsock.

Does your Goth love cats? Sockdrawer has over 100 different cat themed socks

Tights. Stockings are always a win for stocking stuffers. Striped tights and fishnets are always popular. 


Again. Avoid the department store. For goth approved scents you'll want to turn to small, indie scent creators.  We really love Apothescary Scents. They're both unique and book related! Two things Goths love! 


Eyeshadow pallets. Strange lipcolors. One of the great things about gifts like scents and makeup is even if your goth already has what you choose, they will need more!

Clothing. Clothing can be tricky. Goths have highly individualized tastes and knowing someone's size at the holidays can always be a challenge, especially if you don't live with your goth and can't sneak a look in their closet! And even then, every brand tends to have their own size range. It can be quite confusing! Unless your goth has asked for something specific, the best bet for clothing is probably going to be a gift card to somewhere you know they like to -or would like to-shop.  exception- t shirts! Like this epic Sleepy Vampire T from Evil Supply Co.

A Subscription

no, not to the jelly of the month club. 

Medusa's Makeup their box can be purchased monthly or as a block of time- 6 months for example. Vegan cosmetics.

Box of Goth

Causebox goths are usually caring people. check out causebox for a subscription with a heart

The Gift Card

Choose a gift card with a little thought and care! Don't just pop into the supermarket for your goth. Select a gift card from an indie boutique or online niche store. Your goth will appreciate your thought. 

If you really have to mall it, think makeup (Sephora, Ulta), books, (Barnes & Noble)

Well, there you have it! As you can see, shopping for your Goth isn't really hard.

Nov 20th 2018 GoodGoth

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