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Join our Mailing List

GoodGoth has a lot of Facebook fans. Over 250,000. 

Since FB has changed it's feed, it's harder than ever for us to talk to you. Basically, none of our posts are getting through now. Well, unless it's something like "Whats the grossest vegetable". That post got a lot of views. Not really very helpful from a business pov. I understand fb can do whatever they want to the feed. It's their company. But over the years we've spent lots of money building a community of fans. And now we cant talk to them unless we pay to "promote" a post. But GoodGoth has existed before FB- like- way before. Like, 1996. So we'll adapt and change-again. 

Fortunately, we can still talk one on one. Just sign up to our mailing list and Pow! You're on the inside track to exclusive coupons nobody else gets, free offers, and of course, what's new at GoodGoth!  We promise we won't waste your time, and we never EVER sell our mailing list! 

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